19/06/2022 16:51:44NotMyName

Behind the staircase

You're home alone. It's almost sunset and outside it's heavily raining. On the tv, the credits of a Sunday afternoon movie are setting the time for a quick snack. Family is late from the trip and you are enjoying the last bit of quietness in the house. They should have already been back but they are probably late because of the weather. You get up from the sofa and lead to the kitchen. You reach the fridge and, yawning, open it. You glance deep inside, but the yogurt you were looking for is not there anymore. "Damn it, Sofia must have finished it!". Quite annoyed, you stop ravaging into the fridge and close the door quite loudly. A short wet figure covered till head in her coat is right behind the door. You jump back and yell: "Oh my gosh, you scared the hell out of me!". "Everything scares you! We got home finally". In front of you, your younger sister which means family is back and she probably sneaked in quietly to prank you as usual. You walk back to the living room, complaining about your empty hands and teasing her about how quieter the house was without. Just one moment before falling down on the sofa, the phone rings. You walk to the hall and grab the handset: "Hello?" "Hey it's Sofia, we are a bit late prepare yourself some dinner in the mean time!" You let the handset hang on the wall, your eyes jumping everywhere around starting from the kitchen. You're alone, the only thing you can hear is your own heartbeat. A trace of water on the ground leads till into the door behind the staircase.

What's next?
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