07/07/2022 02:17:14elissa83

Piercing Gaze

You look at the man encased in the glass cage in front of you and gasp. He's beautiful and piercing. You place your hands against the cage and he continues to look forward, ignoring your presence. The air grows colder and the man's features start to disappear in a flurry of pixels. "That's our newest model. Or, at least an electronic diagram of it. We can't risk thieves damaging the actual prototype at this point in the process." You nod slightly and continue to look at the glass cage, which is still devoid of the beautiful man from before. You know you're lucky to witness this monumental achievement and turn around to look at your guide. A question lingers at the tip of your tongue and you can't decide if it's appropriate to ask. "I assume you have questions?" the guide ponders as he pulls out a device from his back pocket, "of course, I will have to record them for security purposes, but I would be delighted to answer what I can."

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