19/06/2022 11:40:03flinch786


It's year 2347. You are a corp employee on their way to the office. On the way to the Mover, you reflect on how weird it would have looked till some years ago. You reflect about how each person mood is affected more by the weather they'll face in a few moments, than from the bright sun over their head. It's so easy to understand who's going to the winter emisphere, and who's leading towards a rainy storm. Teleport invention definitely sorted out many humanity problems, but the way weather affects your mood is definitely not one of them. You take on step closer to the Mover box, and pass through the security scans. It always weirds you off being un-materialized and reappearing on the other side. It's a weird sensation, not like anything you like. But it doesn't take too long, and it's just so much comfortable to work there in Tokyo now that hyper inflation hit western economy. You step inside the box and close your eyes, it somehow takes the chills away. Also, the bright lights scanning your body might get a bit too bright. You feel their heat, and then blank. The process takes few minutes, but for you it's as instant as if you were sleeping in between. You are used to it, but this time it's getting too warm. You feel weird. You should have been unconscious already, but you're not. You faint as the lights turn off and an alarm sound fades away. You start waking up and while blinking, you see a cold room, quite empty a part from steel furniture. You hear voices from the outside. "What now? This wasn't supposed to happen. Did you hear from the other side? Is the other him aware?" Your mind is still too blurry to get what's going on, but you get something is deeply wrong. Suddenly, you hear the door opening.

What's next?
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