07/08/2022 19:59:49wailmer

A burning sensation begins to swell up inside of you.

The room suddenly feels much brighter and their is a piercing pain surging behind your eyes and down your spine, causing your body to whiplash forwards and backwards incessantly. You struggle to piece together your cognitive abilities - why did you have a sudden impulse to eat her hair anyways? It was strange primal desire, shouting that it must be done. As you slowly focus your blurred vision, you begin to also hear, a retching and shrieking. The girl's hair has mostly fallen out to the ground and with the color fading as fast as it falls. She is grabbing fistfuls of her hair and shoving them into her own mouth. But what holds your wide-eyed stare is the sudden aging and decaying of her body. What was a young girl now looks to be an elderly woman in the final twilight of her life. Giving up on the now gray hair on the ground, she turns to you and screams a scream meant only to be heard in stories of devils. That is when you notice your hair flowing and floating in front of your face. It is the fiery red that a moment ago adorned the girl's head. The now old woman lunges at you, hand tensed to grasp a fistful of your hair. Her eyes have gone cloudy and her mouth is agape.

    What's next?
    The end...?

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