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Eternal Divergence

When you awoke in this new world, the first thing you felt was the soft, salty breeze. It was the kind that could only be experienced on a beachside preceding a vast and blue ocean. And to such a sight you opened your eyes to. Normally, such a scene would usually evoke a feeling of wonderful serenity. Yet, you couldn't shake the feeling that there was something off here. Something is missing. As you stood up, stretching languidly and sorting out your thoughts, you tried to summon your wings. It was when you felt a resistance - a seal - on your magic, all your memories came crashing back into order. There were many things missing right now. Your sword, your wings, your magic. But the most important of all wasn't a thing, it was someone. A familiar face with your same blond hair and golden eyes, someone you've spent years traveling to countless worlds with. Frantic, you dashed around the beach and called out your sibling's name. Over and over again. No response. The last you saw of them, they were a golden cube trapped in the hand of the... Sustainer of Heavenly Principles. You scoff at the Goddess' lofty title. Your sibling disappeared only moments before you, so it's possible they wouldn't have gone far. The burning optimism within gave you strength to face this unknown world. You took your first step into the wilderness, determined to find your sibling by the end of the month. - Today commemorates your first month stuck in this world. You do not know where your sibling is, nor can you find someone who is willing to help your search. You'd think that someone would take pity on a Traveler, but no one seems to understand your journey. The people of this world must not get Outlanders very often, if at all. Through your travels, you somehow found your way back to that same beach. Ironic. In one hand you wield the only help you received this past month. It is the dull blade you found abandoned on a hill in your first week. Perhaps the only trusty and inseparable companions of a Traveler such as yourself was the sword in your hand and the dream in your heart. Very soon, you hope to make that dream of finding your sibling into reality. You sigh as you lay your sword in the sand and your handmade fishing rod beside it. Exhaustion seeps through you, and you slump down on a rock nearby. Your eyes peer up in the sky - if you squint a bit harder, you could probably imagine the place you were before the Unknown Goddess blocked you from leaving. Wherever that was may be where your powers could be recovered. Maybe even your sibling. Maybe. You really don't know. Sudden splashing shakes you out of your stupor and puts you on guard. A quick scan of the area reveals someone in the very shallow water, clearly in distress. It looks to be some kind of... pixie? You've never seen anything like it in this world. Subconsciously, your right hand gravitates to your fishing pole. You grab your right hand with your left. Why did you feel so compelled to reach for it? To pull out the pixie? Even now, you still feel the need to save that pixie, as if there's no other choice but to do just that. It's an odd feeling. Looking back at the pixie, it doesn't seem to be in any mortal danger of drowning - it's probably just disoriented. It takes a surprising amount of mental effort to fight this compulsion that controls your actions. In a split second, some kind of chain breaks from within you. You twist your hands around, happy to be free of whatever that was. Now, back to the matter on hand. About that pixie. As an Outlander, you shouldn't interfere with nature's affairs...

What's next?
The end...?

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