12/08/2022 09:11:32firefall

A Jewellery Box

The jewellery box is a plain thing, adorned only by a set of initials on the side: S.R. Yet its contents are so precious you cannot bear to leave it behind. You pick at the corners of the box – the brown leather case, already faded, was slowly chipping away – and reminisce back to when it was brand-new. A birthday present from your father. You place it gently into your bag and leave the house. It may only be seventy thirty, but you need to be prepared for your big day. The car rolls out of the driveway, wheels grating eagerly on the gravel ground, as you head towards the office. Fifteen minutes pass before you arrive. As you park your car neatly into an available space, you cannot help but look across the car-park to a smaller, closed off parking space. It's reserved for only the highest ranking officials in the company. After today, you might be one of them. The thought fills you with excitement. You smooth out your coat and head for the front entrance, head tilted back confidently as you gaze around at what might be under your control in just a few hours. A figure bumps into your arm. You both turn towards each other. "Hey, Lux! You're early." The figure, a small woman with short brown hair, grins at you, rubbing her arm. "Maybe I'll catch up to you one day." You're glad to see a familiar face in the morning, especially today. The woman, Deli, has been your best friend at work for years now. "If you become the new director, you'll have to come earlier than this," she teases, exaggerating a glance towards her watch. You laugh and turn to leave, when she calls out behind you. "Wait! Someone left me a message to give you." It's getting late. You bite you lip, wondering whether to hear the message out, or just rush to the meeting room: it's close to the starting time.

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