romance noun "a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love." verb "court; woo" To whom will your story be tethered? If you wish to escape into the arms of a fictional partner, this is the ideal forest for you. Experience past lifetimes you could have sworn you lived, or experience a simple and realistic love inspired by pieces of daily life. Whatever your cup of romantic tea is, it should be present within this expanding and beautiful forest.


Longing for Magic

"Darling," he croaks, "this may be our last date together." You look at him sadly and grab his hand. His face is pale and his hand cold, but you can't find it within yourself to let go. Blood oozes...

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A Hypothetical Dance in Romance

David moaned to Mona-Lisa, "You never touch me anymore. It simply hurts me." Mona-Lisa stared at him with dangerous eyes. She had the look of hate. She had the look of love. However, she did not have...

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    A Patchwork of Memories

    You glance at your wings in the mirror: fragile, beautiful, and most importantly, not yours. You've known since early puberty you were different from the typical crowd, and you recall your wingless...

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